BONUS 5 Tips to care for your upholstery

5 Handy tips to help you care for and clean your fabric upholstery:

1. Keep your fabric out of direct sunlight. Unless your fabric has been manufactured to withstand direct sun, it will fade and possibly crack and become brittle.

2. Do not machine wash fabrics that are recommended for professional or dry cleaning. This will change the shape, ruin the colour and harm your fabric.

3. When you’ve caught a spill in action on your fabric, use a soft cloth or roller-towel to dab up the spill. Do not rub or brush the spill, it will make the spill soak into your fabric more.

4. Vacuum your sofa and other upholstered furniture regularly (once a week or bi-weekly) to keep the colour looking fresh and to keep dust (and dust-mites) out of the weave. Your vacuum cleaner is your friend.

5. If you have removable seat cushions, rotate them and turn them over in their covers regularly to ensure even wear of the foam and fabric.

If you’ve done what you could to care for your upholstered furniture and find that it still needs to be reupholstered, contact us for a free quote.

Bonus tips to care for and clean upholstered furniture

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