Stain-resistant upholstery fabric

Is this your life?

Is your couch dirty and smelly? Are you constantly washing your couch covers, or covering up ugly stains with throw blankets? 

Do the kids use your sofa as the ultimate battlefield and staging area where they plot to conquer the world?
Does your pet think the couch is the best place from which to keep an eye on the family? … and all you want to do is burn the darn couch?

Then keep reading…

There is a solution, and it’s called FibreGuard stain-resistant upholstery fabric, and it’s made to withstand the harshest testers: kids and pets!
This upholstery fabric can handle ANY kind of mess – no matter whether it’s coffee or ketchup, ballpoint pen or red wine. All you need is water and the stain vanishes! If the stain is a bit more oily (like mayonnaise) just add a bit of soap and it will be as good as new.

All while still being kind to the environment by not releasing any harmful chemicals or finishes. 

We often re-upholster couches using this uniquely engineered high performance fabric in residential spaces, corporate settings, and restaurants. It is also suitable for upholstering couches, chairs, and headboards in hotels, and even healthcare practices due to its anti-microbial properties that does not allow bacteria and liquids to attach to the yarn of the fabric or the foam beneath the fabric. 

Suitable for reupholstering couches, chairs, headboards, and ottomans. FibreGuard stain-resistant upholstery fabric is available in a wide variety of colours and textures. So you can carry on with what’s really important in life… the business of living! 

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