Slipcovers / Couch Covers

At Upholstery Cape Town, we take great care to manufacture slipcovers that fit couches perfectly, and also add a little extra for shrinkage upon machine washing. Almost any upholstery fabric is suited for couch covers, but it’s a good idea to check that the fabric is suited for machine washing. A great option is to use a stain-resistant upholstery fabric that doesn’t need to be washed often. 

5 Easy tips to make your couch covers last longer:

Only use machine washable upholstery fabric for your couch covers that are preshrunk.

Spot treat any very dirty places with a stain removing spray. Let it stand a few minutes and dab with a clean dry towel – DO NOT SCRUB!

Wash the slipcovers in cold water.

Air dry the sofa covers out of direct sunlight until almost dry to the touch and refit on your couch while still slightly damp.

Vacuum your couch covers in between washes to keep dust out of the weave and fibres.

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