Industrial & Cottage – my favourite interior style.

Being in the interior decor and design industry, I am exposed to all the different styles of interiors and furniture: Colonial, Seaside, Contemporary, Antique, Eclectic, French. I like them all – in the right setting of course!

But my absolute favourite interior style is Industrial Cottage. I love the stark edges and ‘coldness’ of Industrial, and the warmth of Cottage. The off-set of cold and warm, hard and soft, stark and upholstered, makes my blood flow and gets my imagination going.
Using different textiles to add contrast and layers also keeps the space interesting and adds depth.

We recently purchased a Cottage of our own, and I am planning to let my creative juices flow freely in this space.

Here are a few things that I LOVE, and think are brilliant examples of this style. All are for sale on Amazon, and I have conveniently linked them for you.

A Genuine Brass Chandelier! swoon!

Genuine Brass Chandelier

An Industrial Style Tower bar.

Industrial Style Tower bar

A Leather tufted ottoman.

Leather Ottoman

A Map lampshade.

Map Lampshade

A Beautiful handwoven area rug.

Handwoven Area Rug

An Entryway organiser coat rack.

Entryway organizer coatrack