The Cost of Reupholstery – is it worth it?

upholstered three seater couch with genuine leather
Looking at your couch or chair in your home, you may wonder: ‘is it really worth reupholstering my furniture’. What are the costs involved? It almost seems like a slippery slope or deep dark rabbit hole, doesn’t it?

The answer is simple: if the piece is not broken beyond repair and it means something to you, then it’s definitely worth it.
Minor damage, small cracks & scratches, or breaks can still be repaired so check with us first before you decide to throw out a perfectly good piece of furniture!
Next, assess the foam on the couch: can it be re-used or does it need to be replaced? You can assess it yourself, or ask our advice.
Often, the foam (seat or back cushions / seating sponge) can be re-used or just filled up a little which will make your furniture feel like new again. Other times, the foam would need to be replaced completely.

The price to reupholster furniture ranges extensively depending on the labour intensity of the project / repairs needed etc.

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